Only God is good

“As a father you must teach your children that only God is God. You, their beloved father, most certainly are not God. Nor are you ever to displace God in their love, allegiance, and obedience.

How to teach this precious truth?

Well, there’s no better way than to confess your own sins to your family and ask their forgiveness. Pop the balloon of your great dignity as their Christian father. Or maybe more to the point, pop the myth your dear wife has inculcated in your children, that Daddy is the best daddy in the world and they should adore him. Bunk, and double bunk!

Jesus put it bluntly: only God is good (Lk 18:19) …

Our families — our own brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers mothers, wives — must never come between us and our heavenly Father. He alone is to have first place in our affections. He alone is to sit on the throne of our heart. He will not tolerate any competition because Jealous is His name.”

Daddy Tried, Tim Bayly

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