Classical Me Classical Thee (Part 6)

Chapter 8 is titled, “Beyond the Drill: Worldview Analysis”

“You’ve studied enough history and enough literature by now to realize that gifted, educated, persuasive people can change the world for good or for ill. Adolph Hitler, George Washington, Walt Whitman, George Whitfield, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau all set the world ablaze in one way or another.

‘Changing the world’ is not necessarily a positive thing in itself. Everything depends, obviously, on which direction that change is headed.

So, yes, your teachers want you to go out and change the world … but not just in any old direction. They want you to be anchored, to know who your people are, to fight for the right causes, to be wise, and to leave the world a better place than you found it …

I hope your school isn’t measuring its success based on how many you get into the Ivy League or become lawyers or doctors. They want something much more, much bigger than that. They want to see you go out into the world with your loyalties intact; they want to see you stand for the right things, and fight for the right things, and persuade others of the right things, everywhere you go throughout your life. They want to see you ‘enchant the souls’ of all who come into contact with you as you display the beauty of the gospel in a full-orbed and robust Christian worldview. They want you to know what you think and why you think it and be able to winsomely explain it to others. They want to see you leave a mark on the world …

If you think of logic and Latin as putting a sharp edge on your blade, and literature and rhetoric as giving you the skills necessary to fight effectively, then all the worldview training is pointing you in the right direction and helping you figure out who are allies and who are enemies and how and when you should fight which people. An understanding of the Christian worldview is by far the most important thing your school can give you — because a not-so-talented soldier who earned a C- in everything, fighting for the right side, is by far to be preferred over a super ruthless and gifted general fighting for the wrong side.”

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