Classical Me Classical Thee (Part 7)

Chapter 9 is titled, “Behind the Drill: The Maths and All That”

“However, you are being taught that the world functions according to strict, predictable, constant, mathematical rules because God made it that way, and it’s an expression of His character and goodness — and meanwhile the public schools are busily teaching that this math thing just sort of happened after a lot of gases randomly exploded and stuff sort of settled into a routine. (I’m not exaggerating.) This difference of perspective doesn’t really change how the math works, but it does fundamentally change how you view it …

If you study math and see it as a reflection of your Creator — as the work of an artist with love and intentionality behind it — then you view math completely differently than someone who believes everything we see is the result of blind chance

Remember the analogy of the puzzle box? We look at the data around us and work to fit it together based on the picture that God gave us in His Word. The secularists insist that the pieces in front of us are supposed to make a completely different picture — one that they have figured out without any help from any stupid box …

We believe in the infallibility of God’s Word, and the secular educational establishment believes in the for-the-most-part-infallibility of science — but I’m afraid the track record of science isn’t very infallible. It doesn’t take very much work to come up with quite the list of things that ‘science’ has claimed down through the centuries — things which, at the time, would get you absolutely ridiculed if you didn’t believe … and then, lo! It turned out that someone found new evidence, and science had to walk it back a little bit (or a lot, in most cases). Of course it was never the facts that changed but rather the interpretation or understanding of them.”

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