A Reason for Reason ???

“According to evolution, our brains evolved solely for the task of survival, not for the construction of complex theories that describe entities and events entirely beyond the realm of observation … Now, it’s not impossible that unguided evolution went beyond the call of duty, making us reliable about highly theoretical topics. But sober skepticism suggests that we should seriously doubt it … And yet the question of cognitive reliability has been quietly swept under the rug. Most naturalists — for all their skeptical drumbeating — aren’t interested in this issue. I would have thought that hard-nosed skeptics would be itching to follow reason — along any path. And this particular path seems to lead us to the realization ┬áthat we have no independent reason to believe reason — other than the fact that we already do and that we couldn’t help it in any case. (Maybe possession is nine-tenths of the law.)”

how to be an (a)theist, Mitch Stokes

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