The Decline of the Family

Anyone with eyes to see can see that the biblical family is in decline. This is bad, in and of itself, but it is also bad for society at-large. Here are a couple pieces on this topic that are worth the read. The first piece is long but good. The second piece is quoted in the first and is primarily facts documenting many of the problems.

As Goes The Family…

Almost half of US births happen outside of marriage



Smash the Matriarchy

One of the most serious places where the world is in open rebellion against God today is the doctrine of sexuality. While homosexuality and transgenderism are the obvious topics of the day, this revolt began long ago and like most of the serpent’s deceptions, was not a head-on assault but much more subtle. This post deals with this topic. If you want to read up on the assault against and the glory of biblical femininity, I’d encourage you to read Bekah Merkle’s book, Eve in Exile.

Smash the Matriarchy

The Future Hope in Classical, Christian Education

“Two humanities professors who teach at different colleges — Christian ones, mind you –told me last night that they tell their best students not to plan on academic careers, because the university is far too toxic. One said, “I tell them to get their PhDs and plan on teaching in classical Christian schools.”

Think about that, conservative (and) Christian philanthropists: if you want the faith and the Western canon to survive, start giving, and giving generously, to classical Christian schools. You may think that your college alma mater is holding the line on this front — but you are probably wrong. Based on what I’m being told, ideological totalitarianism is in many places doing to the humanities what it did to them under communism.”

Totalitarianism in Our Time

The Soul as a Machine

“We are familiar with the thought that our bodies are like machines, needing the right routine of food, rest and exercise if they are to run efficiently, and liable, if filled up with the wrong fuel — alcohol, drugs, poison — to lose their power of healthy functioning and ultimately to ‘seize up’ entirely in physical death. What we are, perhaps, slower to grasp is that God wishes us to think of our souls in a similar way. As rational persons, we were made to bear God’s moral image — that is, our souls were made to ‘run’ on the practice of worship, law-keeping, truthfulness, honesty, discipline, self-control, and service to God and our fellows. If we abandon these practices, not only do we incur guilt before God; we also progressively destroy our own souls. Conscience atrophies, the sense of shame dries up, one’s capacity for truthfulness, loyalty and honesty is eaten away, one’s character disintegrates. One not only becomes desperately miserable; one is steadily being dehumanized.”

J.I. Packer, Knowing God