Are you a living or dead fish?

“Dead fish swim down the stream, living fish swim against it. To swim against the common stream of evil shows grace to be alive.” –Thomas Watson

As you think about this, remember that in our day, evil is much more nuanced than it might have been in other ages. The subtle ways our culture teaches us to be superficial and satisfied in this life are very powerful. Sadly, the church often seems to be going with the current as well.

We Need His Word

This is a post written by Rachel Jankovic for women but it’s message is just as true and needed for men. In fact, I’d almost say it’s more needed for men because I’ve noticed a reality over the years in enough Christian circles to believe it’s a near universal reality, at least in America … women who wish their husbands would be in the word and leading their families but aren’t.

Women, We Need His Word