Showing How Reality Shines Through The Words of the Passage

In the section the following quote comes from, Piper is arguing that preachers give rigorous attention to the very words and clauses of the text not just preach a message that is “in the ballpark” of the text (Bible-saturated v. Bible-based). This is a pervasive problem in the church today.

“The preacher has only one definitive access point to the realities that matter infinitely — Christ, grace, righteousness, eternal life — and that is the inspired words of God in Scripture. This is the access our people have as well. The preacher does not take the place of Scripture. The preacher helps the people see the reality the Scripture aims to communicate. The preacher’s job is to help his congregation see and savor the beauty and worth of these realities through Scripture

People find it deeply satisfying when a pastor asks and answers their questions with good reasoning from the very words of the text. And they should. God gave them minds. Their minds think by asking and trying to answer questions. That is largely what thinking is. Unless they have been lulled into mental sleep by hundreds of sermons that don’t ask and answer questions raised by the text, your people are brimming with questions as the text is read. Our job is to discern the most important questions that need to be answered and to show people, by our expositions, how to answer them from the text

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