What Has Jerusalem To Do With America?

Joe Rigney is assistant professor of theology and Christian worldview at Bethlehem College and Seminary. He also has a tie to MHA in that his assistant is Zach Howard, who taught at MHA and is married to Betsy Peters, an MHA graduate and later, an MHA teacher.

These two talks will require some time but they are well worth it. So, set aside 45 minutes on 2 different occasions and listen to these talks.

What Has Jerusalem To Do With America, Part 1

What Has Jerusalem To Do With America Part 2


I first heard APTAT from John Piper years ago. I need to be reminded of this every morning (and likely more than once a day). Piper is known for his many sermons, talks, and books that all center on the theme: God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. This is a truth that exhorts us to pursue God like the deer that pants for the water … daily and with all our heart in order to satisfy our deepest need AND bring maximum glory to God.

APTAT is an application of this God-glorifying truth to every action in our lives. We must rely on Him, moment-by-moment, for everything, and cry out to Him for His help …¬†and in so doing we regularly acknowledge our desperate need for Him and His abundant supply to meet our every need. This combination of desperate need and perfect fulfillment maximizes the glory given to God in our lives.


Out There or In Here?

The context for the writing of the New Testament was the ancient Roman Empire. Seen through a Christian lens, it was a rough, immoral place. Ongoing conquest and subjugation of peoples, gladiators and the glorification of violence, sexual immorality, little value attached to human life, political intrigue … it had it all. There has been much written comparing ancient Rome with the modern day western world, and America in particular. The parallels are real.

And yet, if one scans the New Testament, there is not much said about the evils in the world outside the church. In fact, much of the New Testament was written in response to sins in the church. Of course, many of these sins were the result of the church embracing the “world” but nonetheless, the focus was on the sins in the church and not the outside world.

I think this is instructive for us. 1 Peter 4:17 speaks of judgment beginning at the house of God and then progressing from there to those who do not obey the gospel of God. Continue reading “Out There or In Here?”

Jamie Soles

Our family has enjoyed Jamie Soles’ music from the day we were introduced to it around 15 years ago. He has produced albums for adults and children but I enjoy his children’s music as much if not more than his music for adults. In fact, I almost always have at least one of his children’s CDs in my car.

His music flows directly out of the Bible and will even challenge your knowledge of the Bible at times. For instance, he has songs for every judge in the book of Judges, often focusing on what might appear at first to be obscure details. The children’s songs are fun but not shallow and will increase your knowledge of the Bible, especially the historical Bible stories.

His website (www.solmusic.ca) allows you to listen to his songs and purchase an entire album (CD or MP3) or individuals songs.¬†Following are my favorite children’s CD (The Way My Story Goes) and my favorite adult CD (River).

The Way My Story Goes

The River