Property Rights & Religious Liberty

Following is a good article by Larry Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College, on the relationship between religious liberty, property rights, and all other rights. This is a connection the founders of America understood and it served as a guiding principle in the construction of the new constitutional republic.

This type of thinking grew out of hundreds of years of Christianity slowly, like yeast, working its way into the civil realm, first in Europe and then in America. For a variety of reasons, we’ve lost both the biblical literacy and the historical consciousness that characterized the founders of America. For America to survive as a free nation, we need to recover both.

Property Rights and Religious Liberty

The Value of the Old Liberal Education

“The value of the old liberal education was not that it made men ‘well-rounded,’ like a ball-bearing, but that it gave them the freedom of the height and breadth and depth of human experience, including man’s mysterious encounter with his Creator. To be free is not to live in no place and at no time but to live in one place as in the shadow of all places, and to live in one time as in the morning twilight of eternity.”

Anthony Esolen; Life Under Compulsion, Ten Ways to Destroy the Humanity of Your Child